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XRP Sinking? Why Altcoin’s Price Continues Downward Plunge

The once-thriving cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) finds itself in a precarious situation. Last month was marked by a significant drop in the value of XRP, leaving investors and analysts in a state of uncertainty.

While some fear a continuation of the decline, others see the possibility of a return, with technical indicators indicating a possible reversal of fortune. However, the road ahead for XRP is still shrouded in uncertainty, with the ongoing legal battle with the SEC and broader market sentiment playing a crucial role.

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Decline and faint enthusiasm

The past few weeks have been a rough ride for XRP holders. The cryptocurrency, which had the distinction of being the only currency to receive clear regulatory approval in the United States, fell more than 5% in the past week alone.

The price fell to a low of $0.49 before recovering slightly to its current position near $0.50. This downward trend coincided with a noticeable decline in enthusiasm within the cryptocurrency community. Discussions around XRP have dwindled, and the usual “bullish” enthusiasm appears to have subsided.

Technical signals and expert opinions

Despite the bleak outlook, there are some glimmers of hope for XRP. Analysts point to technical indicators on TradingView that indicate a potential uptrend is in the making.

The chart shows a series of “higher lows and higher highs,” a pattern usually associated with upward momentum. Additionally, the $0.50 mark appears to be acting as a support level. Each time the price dips near this point, it bounces slightly, indicating that some investors consider it an attractive entry point.

Some experts have echoed this bullish sentiment. Dark Defender, a prominent cryptocurrency analyst, remains optimistic about XRP's prospects for 2024, predicting it will rise to $1.80 before the end of the year. A recent survey conducted by Egrag Crypto among nearly 4,000 members of the cryptocurrency community revealed mixed feelings.

While a large majority (61%) expressed optimism about XRP's ability to participate in the upcoming rally, a significant minority (40%) remained apprehensive.

Total crypto market cap currently at $2.2 trillion. Chart: TradingView

Clouds over XRP: Legal battle looms on the horizon

XRP's path forward is far from certain. the The ongoing legal battle The relationship between Ripple Labs and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues to cast a long shadow. The lawsuit, centered around whether XRP is a security, has created uncertainty in the market, hampering investor confidence.

This regulatory ambiguity makes it difficult for institutional investors to enter the XRP market, further weakening its potential for significant growth.

XRP price down in the weekly timeframe. Source: Coingecko

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Market sentiment and ripple effect

The broader bearish sentiment currently sweeping the cryptocurrency market is also adding to the pressure XRP price. Bitcoin, the leader in the cryptocurrency market, has seen a major correction in recent months, sending several altcoins, including XRP, falling. This creates a domino effect, where negative sentiment in one cryptocurrency spills over to the other, exacerbating the decline.

Featured image from Getty Images, chart from TradingView

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