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SpaceCatch launches season 2 airdrop, enhancing its blockchain game

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SpaceCatch presents its second season of airdrops, offering players unique rewards while enhancing its blockchain-based game.

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies and GameFi, finding a project worth trying and investing in is becoming more difficult. These days, with so many cryptocurrency platforms and games based on blockchain technology, users have to know as much as possible about cryptocurrencies in order to make informed and profitable decisions when investing their money in different companies.

Although it is difficult, it becomes even more difficult when some cryptocurrency projects do not respect or meet users' expectations regarding the privacy and security of personal information, as well as the transparency provided to each investor.

Fortunately, some projects manage to achieve all of these points on the list, and when they also provide significant benefits to their entire communities, things get even better. One of these projects is SpaceCatcha newly launched blockchain-based game that aims to become a leading cryptocurrency project in the GameFi segment in 2024 and beyond.

The story behind SpaceCatch

SpaceCatch It is a blockchain-based game developed by a team of cryptocurrency and gaming enthusiasts and experts who are working to build an impressive final product and make it available to the widest possible audience.

Also called the “Pokémon GO Killer,” SpaceCatch plans to become one of the most popular cryptocurrency games in the industry. To achieve this, the cryptocurrency project has developed and closely follows a complex strategy focused on providing a high level of security, accessibility, privacy, and transparency while also incentivizing users through surprise special events and other perks.

A world invaded by aliens

SpaceCatch It is a game that keeps users on their toes thanks to the exciting story and complex gameplay. The story takes place in another world, in a world very similar to our own. There, our world has been invaded by artificial intelligence aliens, who consider Earth suitable for biomass extraction due to its lack of more intelligent life forms.

Once our planet is invaded, people become hunters and their main goal is to fight against the invaders and restore peace on Earth. To accomplish this, they have different tools they can use, such as potions, shields, throwable weapons, projectile weapons, melee weapons, or chargeable weapons. Each tool can be improved with the help of other in-game rewards that users start receiving when they play the game.

Players (hunters) can also find or build their own safe places, called hubs and shelters. Each type of center or shelter has its own benefits and requirements, and the main center is likely the most valuable and important, and is also rarer than other types of shelter.

Using various advanced technologies

SpaceCatch It is developed by leveraging several advanced technologies that contribute to better user experience, improved gameplay and increased interest in the crypto project.

For example, SpaceCatch uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a personalized gaming experience for each user. Thus, each gaming experience becomes unique. The game takes into account the user's decisions, behavior, combat style, evolution, and more in order to shape the best experience aimed at meeting their expectations.

Furthermore, SpaceCatch takes advantage of augmented reality (AR) to provide a more immersive gaming experience. With the help of augmented reality, SpaceCatch takes in-game elements and mixes them with real-life surroundings, thus completely transforming the game.

Therefore, when playing SpaceCatch and entering the M2E (Move to Earn) game model, it is very possible for users to notice an alien standing right next to them.

Season 2 of Operation SpaceCatch airdrop is now live

SpaceCatch Its second season is now being held Airdrop eventaiming to reward users with amazing prize pools.

During SpaceCatch's first season of airdrops, participating users were rewarded with prize pools reaching tens of thousands of dollars, and SpaceCatch is aiming to go even higher.

The airdrop is divided into weekly stages, with each stage encouraging users to complete certain tasks in order to earn XP. Unlike the first season, this time users cannot complete weekly tasks retroactively, so they must closely follow project updates in order to earn as many points as possible.


With SpaceCatch just starting up and its airdrop already available to users from almost all over the world, users can learn more about the project and its events by checking out the official website SpaceCatch website. Moreover, they can follow her activity and advertisements on Galg, SeditionAnd Mediation.

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