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How to Write an Influencer Brief to Attract Top Creators for Your Next Campaign

Creating the perfect influencer brief is your roadmap to attracting the creative minds that will raise your brand’s voice. Let’s dive into how a well-structured brief can become the cornerstone of every successful influencer collaboration!

Creating an engaging and successful influencer marketing campaign depends on your ability to communicate effectively with your target audience and also requires content creators who are the best in their field. This is where the art of creating a comprehensive influencer brief comes into play. Hope this article not only captures the essence of your successful campaign but also attracts the top influencers to bring your vision to life.

What is an Influencer Brief?

An influencer brief is a document designed to provide influencers with all the necessary information about a marketing campaign. It ensures that both the brand and the influencer are aligned in terms of campaign objectives, key messaging, expectations, and creative direction. This foundational document is crucial for a successful influencer collaboration as it acts as a roadmap for them to produce content that resonates with the brand’s target audience while also providing creative freedom within specified guidelines.

Key Elements of an Influencer Marketing Brief

  • Campaign Overview: This section outlines the campaign’s background, objectives, and desired outcomes. It serves as an introduction part to what the brand hopes to achieve, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, launching a new product, or driving sales.
  • Target Audience: Understanding whom the campaign is designed to engage is crucial. This part should include detail of the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the target audience, including age, interests, behaviors, and preferred platforms.
  • Key Messaging: Clearly identifying the campaign’s key messages ensures that the influencer’s content aligns with the brand’s overall communication strategy. These messages can be specific slogans, hashtags, or themes.
  • Content Requirements: The types of content needed have to be specified. Such as Instagram posts, stories, YouTube videos, or even blog articles. Include any specific guidelines on tone, style, and elements that need to be included or avoided.
  • Creative Direction: Providing mood boards or visual inspirations helps influencers understand the aesthetic and vibe the brand is aiming for. The directions guide the influencer’s content creation process while ensuring consistency with the brand’s image.
  • Deliverables and Deadlines: Outline what is expected from the influencer in terms of content and the timeline for submission. Clear deadlines help manage the campaign more effectively.
  • Budget and Compensation: Transparently discussing compensation, whether in the form of monetary payment, products, or services. Setting clear expectations can help build a positive working relationship.

How to Write an Influencer Brief?

Creating a well-detailed and inspiring influencer brief example requires careful consideration of several key components. Here are the must-follow steps I believe will guide you through the creation of the influencer campaign brief process;

Understanding Your Campaign Objectives

You should start by defining what success looks like for your campaign. Are you aiming to increase brand awareness, promote a new product, or drive traffic to your website? Always keep in mind that the goal of the campaign is the key to shaping your campaign strategy and measuring its success. Your objectives will affect the choice of influencers, the type of content created, and how success is measured.

Successful campaign objectives should also be flexible to adapt to changing market conditions and customer behaviors. Only by best understanding the characteristics of your industry and target audience can you develop successful campaign goals that deliver tangible results and stimulate the growth of your business.

Identifying the Right Influencers

Once you have fully clarified your campaign goals, it’s time to research and select influencers who not only align with your brand’s values and aesthetics but also possess an engaged and relevant audience. You can find them across various influencer marketing platforms and tiers, from micro to macro influencers — depending on your campaign’s reach and budget.

Also, you can consider partnering with influencer marketing agencies that help find the perfect influencer for your marketing campaign. These agencies have extensive experience in identifying and connecting brands with the most relevant influencers for their target audience.

While choosing the best-matched influencers, the number of followers isn’t everything. Success goes beyond follower numbers; it’s about connecting with a truly engaged community. Since we barely know that influencer follower count can drive up campaign costs so, a large audience doesn’t guarantee success. For brand awareness and conversions, prioritize engagement and relevance over follower count.

Defining Content Expectations

Locked in the perfect influencer for your brand? Now comes the crucial step of outlining clear content expectations. To ensure your influencer creates content that aligns with your goals, provide detailed information on these key components:

  • Campaign Objectives: What do you want to achieve? Brand awareness? Increased sales? Website traffic? The answer to all of these questions can help guide the influencer you’ve chosen content approach.
  • Target Audience: Who are you trying to reach? This is the most crucial question you need to ask yourself. Deeply understanding your ideal target audience will help the influencer tailor their message for maximum impact.
  • Content Format & Number of Posts: Specify what type of content you need for your influencer campaign. Do you need an Instagram post, YouTube video, blog article, or something else? Plus, you should also specify the numbers. There may be need of two posts for Instagram, a TikTok video, and two Instagram stories. If you don’t be clear on these, who knows?
  • Content Style: Give some direction to the influencer on the overall tone and feel of the content. Should it be informative, humorous, or inspirational?
  • Brand Messaging: Share key messaging points you want the influencer to integrate. These might be product features, brand values, or a specific call to action.
  • Specific Mentions & Tags: If you have hashtags or slogans that identify with your brand, share them too. Although it may seem like a small thing in this loop, they do excellent work in creating awareness and perception for your brand.

Bonus Tip: While sharing your expectations, allow some creative freedom for influencers. At the end of the day, their unique style is what built their audience after all!

By providing the detailed guide, you’ll empower your influencer to create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience and drives your campaign goals.

Setting Clear Timelines and Deliverables

I take it you successfully passed the first three stages and now, it’s time to ensure a smooth workflow by establishing clear timelines and deliverables. Here’s how your influencer brief can keep things organized:

  • Campaign Timeline: Outline key milestones and deadlines which include content creation deadlines, approval windows, and post publication dates.
  • Deliverables Breakdown: Specify what you expect from the influencer. Such as;
    – Number of posts (e.g., 3 Instagram posts, 1 YouTube video)
    – Post formats (e.g., static image posts, Stories, or Instagram Reels)
    – Specific content requirements (e.g., hashtags to use, brand mentions, etc.)
    – Additional assets if you have any (e.g., captions, edited photos, etc.)

Please note that we’re all human and sometimes things can get complicated. So, discuss potential revisions with the influencer beforehand and establish a clear revision process.

Once you manage to set clear timelines and deliverables, you’ll create a roadmap for success. The roadmap helps both you and the influencer stay on track and make sure all campaign elements are delivered smoothly.

Offering Creative Freedom within Guidelines

A detailed influencer brief is crucial for setting expectations and ensuring campaign goals are met. However, it’s equally important to strike a balance by offering creative freedom within defined guidelines to the influencer you are working with.

So, how do you offer creative freedom within guidelines?

  • You should avoid micro-managing influencers, as it leads to inauthentic content in some cases. Influencers who can seamlessly integrate your brand message with their “own unique” style create content that resonates more deeply.
  • Influencers are already creative minds with their unique styles and a knack for audience engagement. Once you offer creative freedom within a clear framework, you can automatically unlock their full potential. 
  • Respecting their expertise and both innovative and creative vision can build a stronger relationship between you and the influencer you chose. Plus, if you empower them to share their perspective, that will strengthen the collaboration with you too.

Tips for Writing an Influencer Brief

Here are some key tips for writing an influencer brief that attracts the right influencers and gets you the content you need. By following these tips, you can write an influencer brief that attracts high-quality influencers and sets you up for a successful campaign.


A Successful Influencer Brief Example/Template

Below is an example/template of an influencer brief that can be used as a starting point for your campaign. This template is designed to be comprehensive yet flexible, providing a clear direction while allowing for creative interpretation by the influencer.

Campaign Overview

Campaign Name: “Summer Refresh with [Brand Name]”
Objective(s): Increase brand awareness and drive engagement for our new summer collection.
Desired Outcome: Generate a 20% increase in website traffic and a 15% increase in social media engagement.
Background Information: [Brand Name] is launching a new line of eco-friendly, summer beachwear aimed at promoting sustainability in fashion. We’re looking to collaborate with influencers who share our passion for the environment and stylish, sustainable living.

Target Audience

Demographics: Ages 18-35, environmentally conscious, interested in fashion and sustainability.
Interests: Sustainable living, fashion, travel, outdoor activities.
Behavioral Insights: Prefers purchasing from brands with a strong stance on environmental issues, enjoys content related to eco-friendly lifestyle tips, fashion trends, and outdoor adventures.

Key Messaging

Core Messages: “Dress sustainably this summer with [Brand Name]’s eco-friendly beachwear.” “Look good while doing good for the planet.”
Hashtags/Tags: #EcoChicSummer, @[BrandName], #SustainableFashion
Call to Action: “Discover our new summer collection and join the sustainable fashion movement. Shop now!”

Content Requirements

Content Type(s): Instagram posts and stories, featuring the influencer wearing items from the collection. At least one blog post or YouTube video reviewing the collection.
Tone/Voice: Inspirational, positive, environmentally conscious.
Must-Include Elements: Product highlights, personal thoughts on the importance of sustainable fashion, tagging @[BrandName], and using campaign hashtags.
Avoid: Negative remarks about competing brands, off-brand colors or themes, controversial topics.

Creative Direction

Mood Board/Visual Inspiration: A link to a mood board featuring pastel colors, beach scenes, and summer vibes.
Color Palette: Pastel blues, greens, and corals.
Imagery Style: Natural lighting, candid shots, emphasis on the outdoors and summer activities.

Deliverables and Deadlines

Content Pieces: 3 Instagram posts, 5 stories, 1 blog post/YouTube video.
Submission Deadlines: Posts and stories spread across two weeks starting from July 1st. Blog post/Video by July 15th.
Review Process: Content to be reviewed and approved by [Brand Name]’s marketing team at least 3 days before posting.

Budget and Compensation

Compensation Details: $500 per Instagram post, $100 per story, $1000 for the blog post/YouTube video. Plus, influencers receive the summer collection items featured.
Payment Schedule: 50% upfront, 50% upon completion of all deliverables.
Additional Incentives: Top-performing influencer (based on engagement and creative content) will become a [Brand Name] ambassador for the next season, with additional perks and collaborations.

We’ve designed a free influencer marketing campaign brief template to simplify your workflow. This handy guideline gathers everything you need to share with influencers upfront and helps build a collaborative creative process from the get-go.

Ending Notes

Creating a detailed influencer brief is a critical step in ensuring the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. Once you provide clear, comprehensive information and respect the creative process, you will strengthen productive collaborations that achieve your marketing objectives and resonate with your target audience for sure.

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