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High-Converting Contact Us Pages for Digital Agencies: Boost Leads & Sales

Ever feel like your marketing agency website is a one-way street? You’re putting out great content, but potential clients just aren’t reaching out. The culprit might be a surprising one: your Contact Us page. Often overlooked, a well-designed Contact Us page can be a goldmine for qualified leads.

Simply put a well-designed Contact Us page with a clear path to inquiry (like a user-friendly contact form, email address, and phone number) can dramatically boost your conversion rate. This makes perfect sense when you consider that for a potential client, the Contact Us page is often their first step after deciding to work with you. By making it easy for them to reach out, you capture those valuable leads and turn website visitors into paying clients.

Intrigued? Read on to discover how to craft a Contact Us page that converts website visitors into happy (and qualified) leads.

Why Is It Important to Have a Contact Page?

In the introduction paragraph, we’ve already explained that a good contact page acts as a conversion hub. However, we’ll discover why high-converting contact pages are important for digital marketing companies like yours.

As you already know, via Contact Us forms, it’s possible to get phone numbers, email addresses, company names, and more. Beyond getting info about prospects, a professional and informative Contact Us page demonstrates transparency and builds trust with potential clients. Include details like a physical address (even if it’s a business office) and clear contact information.     

What’s more? The inquiries received through the Contact Us form are a goldmine of info. By analyzing these inquiries, it’s possible to understand what potential clients are looking for and tailor your services, website content, and marketing efforts accordingly. Additionally, we know that offering a live chat option on your Contact Us page is another great way to capture leads from visitors who may not be comfortable filling out a form right away.

Alright, we’ve established the Contact Us page is a stockpot for leads. But the question remains: what makes one truly great? Let’s explore the elements that turn a simple contact page into a conversion hub.

Best Contact Us Page Examples (Agency Edition)

Like in the digital agency our team pages, while the core purpose of a Contact Us page is to facilitate communication, users might have various goals in mind when visiting it. From a quick phone call to a detailed in-person meeting, understanding these needs is key.

Still, we can list what users typically look for as follows: contact information (phone & email), answers to FAQs, booking demos, specific department/staff contacts, location details (address, parking), work hours, and social media links. So, it’s obvious that striking a balance between offering these features and maintaining a clean, user-friendly layout is quite important. 

Keep reading to see how digital agencies & tool/platform providers did it perfectly.

UX Friendly Layout  

It’s home truth that a user-friendly layout makes it easy and intuitive for visitors to find the information they need and take the desired action, whether that’s filling out a contact form, calling your agency, or finding your address. Studies also support that truth; we know that 42% of internet users leave a website because of poor UX.

Here is one of the best practices – Massive Media’s Contact Us page. It’s obvious that they invested in creating a website that is easy to use & navigate:

Multiple Contact Options

No need to say that people have different communication styles. Some prefer the ease of a quick email, while others appreciate the personal touch of a phone call. Offering a variety of options (email address, phone number, contact form, even live chat) ensures you cater to these preferences and make it convenient for everyone to reach you.

Multiple Contact Options

As the Bonsai did, inserting multiple options ensures your contact page is inclusive and accessible to a wider audience, potentially increasing the number of leads you capture.

Call Us Directly Button 

Alongside other contact options, a Call Us Directly button can be a valuable addition to your digital agency’s Contact Us page.

The immediacy of a phone call can be appealing to certain users, particularly those with urgent inquiries or specific questions. A “Call Us Directly” button capitalizes on this by offering a way to connect and get answers right away. What’s more, this can be beneficial for building trust with clients who might be hesitant to commit to a lengthy form submission.

Call Us Directly Button 

Contact Us Button on the Master Menu 

By strategically placing a Contact Us button on your master menu, you can significantly increase its visibility, promote lead generation, enhance user experience, and improve the overall user journey on your digital agency’s website.

Contact Us Button on the Master Menu 

Besides, placing the button on that point constantly reminds visitors of the contact option. It means that you potentially capture leads who might not have actively sought out the Contact Us page. They might be browsing your services or portfolio and have a quick question that a simple click can answer.

Request a Quotation Option 

Looking for a way to attract people interested in your services but might not be ready for a full-blown consultation? Including a Request a Quote form is the most easy & useful way to achieve that. 

In addition to allowing visitors to easily request a quote for specific projects, that marketing move streamlines the lead generation process. It’s also a great approach to capture leads at an earlier stage and nurture them through the sales funnel. 

Take a quick look at one of our member agencies, Damteq’s Contact Us page:

Request a Quotation Option 

All Set Inquiry Subjects 

When it comes to saving visitors’ time & effort, including pre-defined Inquiry Subjects on contact forms is a great way. In addition to streamlining the contact process for users, it also offers a clear way to categorize inquiries. 

All Set Inquiry Subjects 

The best part? By having users choose from pre-defined subjects, it’s possible to route inquiries to the appropriate team within your agency more efficiently. This ensures faster response times and a more relevant experience for the client as well.

Book a Meeting Option 

Friction in the conversion funnel can be a lead killer for digital agencies. The more steps a potential client has to take to connect with you, the less likely they are to convert. This is where a Book a Meeting option with a functional calendar comes in. By offering a clear way to schedule a meeting directly on your Contact Us page, you remove hurdles.

Book a Meeting Option 

Inserting a calendar on your Contact Us page not only benefits potential clients by saving them time but also benefits your agency by increasing the likelihood of converting those leads into happy clients.

Message Box 

In some cases, pre-defined subjects or limited forms might not be well-suited for your website visitors.

A message box can provide a more personal touch compared to selecting options from a form. Users can explain their needs and questions in their own words – creating a more human connection. 

Message Box 

At that point, we would like to remind you that the decision of whether or not to include a message box depends on your agency’s resources, target audience, and preferred communication methods.  A live chat option can be a great way to add real-time engagement, while a traditional message box might be suitable for more in-depth inquiries.

Wrapping up

So, revamping your Contact Us page isn’t just about adding contact information – but creating a call to action converting one-time visitors into leads and fueling your digital agency’s growth. By incorporating the strategies and examples outlined above, you can craft a user-friendly and high-performing contact page. Remember, a well-designed Contact Us page is an extension of your marketing efforts.

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