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Don’t Miss Your Chance at a $100,000 Grant

While monetary grants provide badly needed help for small businesses, they can also benefit from grants that offer more than just monetary support. By accessing grants that include technology upgrades, businesses can modernize their operations to stay competitive. Marketing support and media opportunities can increase visibility and attract new customers.

Additionally, coaching and educational resources provided by these grants can enhance business acumen and strategic planning. These comprehensive grants allow small businesses to grow, enhancing every facet of their operations. So next time you are looking for a grant, don’t dismiss those providing support that could grow your business in the long run.

Comcast is one of many corporations that regularly support small businesses through grants. The company’s RISE grant program is an annual offering supporting entrepreneurs in select markets throughout the U.S. Read more about this program and others below. Comcast RISE Comcast is launching a new round of funding through its Comcast RISE grant program.

Although this is not a grant, the SBA has launched a digital portal to help small businesses with funding. Find out if you qualify for any of the federal funding it offers.

Isabel Casillas Guzman, the head of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), has announced the launch of a new digital resource called the Investing in America Small Business Hub. This online platform is the first of its kind and is designed to help small business owners take advantage of federal funding available under the Investing in America agenda.

Small Business News April 19, 2024

This week the round-up includes a warning from the IRS as the tax season moves along. The agency is warning small businesses of scams urging owners to o apply for something called the Employee Retention Tax Credit. There is another warning from the IRS regarding increased spearphishing scams targeting small businesses. Take a look at the rest of the news roundup for more.

IRS Warns Small Businesses of COVID Tax Credit Scam

If a telemarketer tells you, the Internal Revenue Service owes your small business thousands. Watch out! You may find it too good to be true. The IRS is warning small businesses about scams to apply for COVID-19 tax credits for which they are not eligible but will have to pay back!

IRS Cautions Tax Professionals About Increased Spearphishing Scams

The IRS recently issued a warning to tax professionals and businesses about a rise in spearphishing attacks aimed at stealing sensitive information. This alert is part of the IRS’s annual “Dirty Dozen” campaign, which highlights the top twelve scams targeting taxpayers and tax advisors each year.

IRS Offers Easy Online Extension for Tax Filers as Deadline Nears

With the tax filing deadline at 11:59 tonight, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is reminding taxpayers that they can quickly secure an extension to file their tax returns using the IRS Free File service on This extension provides an additional six months, extending the deadline to October 15.

Pennsylvania Insurance Business Owner Found Guilty of Tax Evasion

A federal jury today convicted Brandon Aumiller, owner of Brandon Aumiller & Associates, an insurance sales business based in Milroy, Pennsylvania, on charges of tax evasion. The jury found Aumiller guilty of failing to pay substantial amounts in personal and business taxes, following a scheme that spanned several years.

Rainn Wilson, Cast of The Office Tout AT&T Business Service

Actor Rainn Wilson and the cast of the NBC show The Office touts AT&T business services in a new ad. The ad also includes actors Jenna Fischer, Craig Robinson, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, and Creed Bratton, also from the hit show. “I have a business idea, and it might just change the world,” Wilson says in the new ad as his former cast members lie on pillows on the floor.

Alarming Inflation Data Gives Pause to New Home Builders

Why sell a house with a 3% mortgage to buy a new one with a 7% mortgage? That wouldn’t make sense. And new home builders apparently know it. For four months, builder confidence in the new home market was on a steady upswing, according to data from the National Association of Home Builders.

How Retail Needs to Change Right Now

Retail is never ever going to be the same. The practices that allowed retailers to achieve success in the past will not work alone in the future. Plus, since post-Covid, consumers’ behavior is changing exponentially and accelerating. On The Small Business Radio Show this week, I talked with Gary Hawkins, who has been described as a visionary and retail industry expert.

Amazon Scrapping Cashierless Technology from Some Stores

Amazon has announced that it will remove its cashierless system from grocery stores and will not feature the technology in new stores. The move provides lessons to other companies, particularly retailers, about consumer demands.

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