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8 Resume Red Flags That Hurt Your Odds of Getting Hired in 2024 (No. 1 Is AI)

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Job candidates who screw up a resume can quickly see their search for employment turn into a fruitless endeavor. But which mistakes are most likely to haunt your efforts to find work?

Recently, Resume Genius surveyed 625 American hiring managers and asked them to describe what does and does not work in a resume. These managers highlighted several foibles that might cause them to quickly send your resume to the trash bin.

Here are the resume red flags that might hurt your odds of getting a new job in 2024.

AI-generated resumes

Woman reading resume
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Hiring managers who say this red flag makes them less likely to hire a candidates: 53%

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to change the world. But when it comes to a resume, hiring managers want to hear from you, not computer software.

In fact, 1 in 5 hiring managers say that if they spot AI-generated content in a resume, it is a “critical issue” that could prevent them from hiring you.

Frequent job-hopping

Happy woman quitting her job
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Hiring managers who say this red flag makes them less likely to hire a candidates: 50%

Many companies agree that the task of finding and hiring a good worker is challenging. No company wants to have to endure the process more often than is absolutely necessary.

That is probably why hiring managers shy away from job-hoppers, with 17% of managers saying a history of moving from job to job is a “major red flag.”

Poor formatting

Stressed applicant worries while employer reads resume
fizkes /

Hiring managers who say this red flag makes them less likely to hire a candidates: 46%

When you apply for a job, you want to put your best foot forward. Wearing a T-shirt and jeans with holes is rarely a good look in an interview.

Similarly, a resume that is cluttered or that looks unattractive signals that you either don’t care about the details or don’t have the judgment necessary to make good choices. In fact, 11% of hiring managers say poor font choices are a “deal-breaker.”

Other red flags

Man reading his resume
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Here are some other red flags hiring managers warn against in a resume:

  • No measurable achievements: 44%
  • Typos: 42%
  • Irrelevant content: 42%
  • Long employment gaps: 38%
  • Inappropriate fonts: 35%

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