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7 Best ADA Compliance Scanning Tools in 2024 (+ Price)

Making your website a welcoming spot for everyone, including folks with disabilities, isn’t just about being a good digital citizen—it’s the law! This blog post delves into the 7 best ADA compliance scanning tools, helping you navigate the vast sea of options confidently and clearly.

Why ADA Compliance is Non-Negotiable

Ensuring ADA compliance for websites and digital platforms is a crucial aspect of modern business strategy, driven by legal, ethical, and practical considerations. Here’s an overview of why ADA compliance cannot be overlooked:

Legal and Financial Imperatives

  • Surge in Litigations: The number of ADA web accessibility lawsuits is quite high, with 8,227 cases filed in federal courts in 2023 alone, indicating a significant legal focus on digital accessibility.
  • Hefty Penalties: Initial fines for ADA violations can reach up to $75,000, doubling to $150,000 for subsequent infractions. Legal defense and settlement costs and potential brand damage add to the financial burden.

Market Expansion and User Experience

  • Expanding Audience Reach: With up to 27% of the U.S. population living with disabilities, ADA compliance significantly widens your potential customer base.
  • Boosting User Satisfaction: Accessibility features enhance the overall user experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty across your entire audience, not just those with disabilities.

SEO and Competitive Advantage

  • SEO Enhancement: ADA compliance improves website SEO, as search engines favor accessible sites to a wider audience, potentially boosting rankings and visibility.
  • Brand Differentiation: Demonstrating a commitment to accessibility can set your brand apart, showcasing social responsibility and earning loyalty from a consumer base that values inclusivity.

In essence, ADA compliance is a multi-faceted imperative that transcends legal obligations, touching on ethical business practices, market expansion, competitive positioning, and alignment with evolving social and technological standards. The convergence of these factors makes ADA compliance an integral component of a successful and responsible digital strategy.

Top ADA Compliance Scanning Tools in 2024 (With Price)

In 2024, the landscape of ADA compliance scanning tools is more robust and diverse than ever, offering a range of solutions to ensure your website meets the latest accessibility standards. Here, we explore seven leading ADA compliance scanning tools, comparing their features, benefits, and pricing to help you make an informed decision.


WAVE, the Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool, shines as a multi-faceted resource for enhancing website inclusivity. It’s ingeniously crafted to streamline the process of identifying and correcting web accessibility barriers aligning websites with ADA, WCAG 2.0/2.1, and other accessibility standards. WAVE’s approach is rooted in providing immediate, actionable feedback directly within the web environment, making web accessibility evaluation both comprehensive and straightforward.

Core Features

  • Immediate Accessibility Insights: WAVE excels in delivering fast, detailed evaluations of web content for ADA and WCAG compliance directly within the user’s browser.
  • Visual Feedback Mechanism: Unique to WAVE, this feature overlays accessibility feedback right on the webpage, offering clear visibility on where and what the issues are.
  • Detailed Issue Reporting: After scanning, WAVE provides exhaustive reports that categorize accessibility issues by type and severity, equipped with explanations and remediation guidance.
  • Accessibility Features Analysis: eyond basic checks, it dives deep into the site’s structure and semantics, including contrast ratio analysis, keyboard navigability testing, and simulating how screen readers interpret content.
  • Ease of Access: No installation is required to utilize WAVE, which ensures it’s readily available across different platforms and devices.


Free for the basic online tool; pricing for WAVE’s professional services varies based on the project’s scope.

Advantages of Using WAVE

WAVE distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface and in-depth analytical capabilities. The tool’s direct, on-page feedback system demystifies web accessibility, making it easier for developers and content creators to understand and rectify issues efficiently. Coupled with its detailed reporting and guidance, WAVE facilitates a more accessible web development process from start to finish.

Ideal Use Cases

WAVE is particularly suited for web developers, designers, and content managers aiming to ensure their sites meet stringent accessibility standards, catering to the needs of all users, including those with disabilities.


  • Direct, visual feedback on accessibility issues facilitates immediate understanding and action.
  • Comprehensive reporting aids in prioritizing fixes based on the severity and impact of issues.
  • The platform’s intuitive nature and no-installation-required feature make it accessible to a broad user base.
  • Offers in-depth insights into both simple and complex accessibility considerations, from color contrast to screen reader compatibility.


  • While incredibly powerful for immediate feedback, its depth and breadth might be overwhelming for smaller projects or those new to web accessibility.

WAVE positions itself as an indispensable ADA compliance scanning tool in the arsenal of anyone committed to creating more inclusive digital experiences. Its blend of simplicity, depth, and actionable insights offers a clear path to complying with web accessibility standards. As a free resource, it provides significant value to individuals and organizations alike, ensuring that the web remains an open, accessible space for everyone. For those seeking further assistance, WAVE’s professional services offer customized solutions catering to the unique needs of larger or more complex projects.

2. axe

The axe Accessibility Scanner, developed by Deque Systems, stands at the forefront of digital accessibility solutions. It’s ingeniously crafted to integrate seamlessly into the development workflow, making it easier to identify and resolve web accessibility issues in line with ADA, WCAG 2.0/2.1, and other recognized standards. This tool is renowned for its precision and reliability, offering developers and web teams a robust framework for embedding accessibility into their projects from the ground up.

Core Features

  • Seamless Development Integration: Axe is designed to fit naturally into development environments, supporting a proactive approach to accessibility.
  • Comprehensive Accessibility Testing: It covers a wide range of accessibility tests, from simple color contrast checks to complex ARIA roles and property validations.
  • Customizable Testing Rules: Developers have the flexibility to tailor axe’s testing parameters to suit the specific needs and priorities of their project.
  • Automated and Manual Testing Support: Beyond automated testing, axe facilitates manual testing processes, ensuring a thorough accessibility review.
  • Developer-friendly Reports: The tool generates detailed, developer-oriented reports that pinpoint issues, categorize them by severity, and provide actionable remediation advice.


The axe browser extension is free; the enterprise version’s pricing is customized based on your needs.

Advantages of Using axe

Axe shines by offering unparalleled accuracy in accessibility testing, reducing the time and effort required to diagnose and fix issues. Its integration capabilities allow for accessibility considerations to be incorporated directly into the development process, promoting a culture of inclusivity from the outset. The tool’s customizable rule sets and detailed reporting mechanism empower teams to prioritize and address accessibility challenges effectively.

Ideal Use Cases

The axe Accessibility Scanner is ideally suited for development teams, web designers, and QA specialists focused on building and maintaining accessible digital products and services. Its capabilities are particularly beneficial in environments where accessibility is a priority from the early stages of development.


  • Advanced integration with development tools streamlines the accessibility testing process.
  • High accuracy and detailed reporting facilitate effective prioritization and remediation of accessibility issues.
  • The flexibility of testing rules allows for customized accessibility evaluations.
  • Supports a comprehensive approach to accessibility, encompassing both automated and manual testing strategies.


  • This ADA compliance scanning tool’s advanced features and focus on integration with development environments may present a learning curve for those less familiar with web development practices.

The axe Accessibility Scanner offers development teams a comprehensive and reliable tool for integrating accessibility into their workflows. Its precision, flexibility, and depth of testing capabilities make it an invaluable resource for ensuring digital content is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. While axe is freely available for basic use, its enterprise version provides enhanced features and support tailored to meet the diverse needs of larger organizations or projects with specific accessibility requirements.

3. Siteimprove

The Siteimprove Accessibility Checker distinguishes itself as a versatile tool in the digital accessibility domain, offering a holistic approach that transcends compliance. It seamlessly integrates accessibility with SEO and website performance enhancements, providing a robust platform for improving digital presence. This tool is tailored to empower organizations to not only meet but exceed ADA and WCAG standards, ensuring their websites are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Core Features

  • Integrated Accessibility, SEO, and Performance Testing: Siteimprove presents a unified solution that addresses key aspects of website optimization, from accessibility to search engine visibility and overall site health.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: The platform’s dashboard is designed for clarity, offering immediate access to insights that help prioritize web accessibility issues by their impact and severity.
  • Actionable Insights: Beyond identifying problems, Siteimprove delivers practical recommendations and prioritized action items, enabling teams to focus their efforts where they are most needed.
  • Customizable Reporting: Adaptability is at the core of Siteimprove’s reporting features, allowing organizations to tailor reports to their specific needs and objectives.


Pricing is customized based on the size of your site and specific requirements.

Advantages of Using Siteimprove

With its comprehensive coverage, Siteimprove stands out by providing a 360-degree view of website accessibility and performance. Its ability to integrate accessibility checks with SEO and performance metrics makes it a valuable ADA compliance scanning tool for organizations looking to enhance their digital footprint holistically. The actionable insights and prioritized issues streamline the remediation process, making digital compliance achievable and manageable.

Ideal Use Cases

Siteimprove is particularly beneficial for medium to large organizations seeking a detailed overview of their digital presence. It’s ideal for teams that value a multi-faceted approach to website optimization, encompassing accessibility, SEO, and performance in a single platform.


  • Offers a comprehensive solution that combines accessibility with SEO and performance improvements.
  • The intuitive dashboard and actionable insights facilitate efficient prioritization and resolution of issues.
  • Customizable reporting ensures that different organizational needs and goals can be met with precision.


  • While advantageous, the depth and breadth of features may require a steeper learning curve for teams new to web optimization.
  • Pricing, being customized, may vary widely based on organizational size and specific needs, potentially making it less accessible for smaller entities.

Siteimprove Accessibility Checker is a powerhouse for organizations aiming to enhance their website’s accessibility while also boosting SEO and performance. Its holistic approach and detailed, actionable insights make it a standout choice for those committed to creating an inclusive, optimized digital experience. While tailored pricing ensures that solutions are matched to each organization’s requirements, the value delivered by this comprehensive platform is clear, offering a pathway to not just compliance but digital excellence.

4. DynoMapper

DynoMapper stands out in the digital accessibility landscape with its innovative approach, combining visual site mapping, content inventory, and accessibility testing into a unified platform. This ADA compliance scanning tool is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of a website’s structure and accessibility compliance, facilitating a deeper understanding of how content is organized and where improvements are needed. By bridging the gap between site architecture analysis and accessibility compliance, DynoMapper is a critical tool for web developers, content managers, and accessibility professionals aiming to enhance their site’s usability and adherence to ADA and WCAG guidelines.

Core Features

  • Visual Sitemapping: Generates dynamic visual sitemaps that offer an intuitive understanding of your website’s structure, making navigating and managing content easier..
  • Content Inventory: Provides detailed inventories of your site’s content, enabling efficient management and optimization of web assets.
  • Accessibility Testing: Integrates comprehensive accessibility testing tools that evaluate your site against established standards, pinpointing areas for improvement.
  • Scalable Plans: With pricing that starts at $49 per month, DynoMapper is accessible for projects of all sizes, offering advanced features in higher-tier plans to accommodate growing needs.


Plans start at $49 per month, with advanced features available in higher-tier plans, up to $360 per month.

Advantages of Using DynoMapper

DynoMapper’s unique combination of features not only aids in ensuring digital content is accessible but also in streamlining content management and site architecture optimization. Its visual sitemaps and content inventories provide valuable insights into the organization and distribution of site content, while its accessibility testing capabilities ensure that sites meet critical compliance standards. This holistic view makes DynoMapper an invaluable asset for teams dedicated to creating inclusive, well-structured digital experiences.

Ideal Use Cases

Ideal for web developers, SEO specialists, content strategists, and accessibility consultants, DynoMapper caters to anyone involved in developing, managing, and optimizing a website. It’s particularly beneficial for large sites undergoing restructures or redesigns, where understanding site architecture and maintaining accessibility standards is paramount.


  • It offers a comprehensive toolkit that combines visual site mapping, content inventory, and accessibility testing.
  • Facilitates a thorough analysis of website structure and compliance, enhancing both usability and accessibility.
  • A scalable pricing model ensures that businesses of all sizes can access the tools they need for effective s


  • While starting at $49 per month makes it accessible, the cost may accumulate for smaller projects or individuals needing only a subset of its features.
  • The breadth of features, while comprehensive, might require a learning curve for users new to site mapping or accessibility testing.

DynoMapper is a pioneering platform that empowers users to take control of their website’s structure and accessibility compliance. By providing detailed insights into site architecture and identifying compliance issues, it plays a crucial role in the development of accessible, user-friendly digital spaces. Whether you’re overseeing a large-scale website overhaul or aiming to enhance your site’s accessibility, DynoMapper offers a suite of tools designed to support your goals, with flexible pricing to suit various project scopes and budgets.

5. Accessibility Checker by EqualWeb

Accessibility Checker by EqualWeb distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed not only to assess but also to automatically rectify accessibility issues, propelling websites towards instant compliance with ADA, WCAG, and other international standards. This ADA compliance scanning tool is particularly remarkable for its widget-based approach, which enables real-time enhancements to web accessibility, making it an invaluable asset for businesses and organizations committed to inclusivity.

Core Features

  • Automatic Corrections: Harnesses advanced technology to automatically correct common accessibility issues, significantly reducing the manual effort required to meet compliance standards.
  • Accessibility Widget: Features a powerful widget that can be seamlessly integrated into any website, instantly improving its accessibility with minimal effort from site owners.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Solution: Offers a holistic approach to web accessibility, covering a wide range of standards and guidelines to ensure thorough compliance.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Starts with a generous free tier, making it accessible to websites of all sizes, while premium plans unlock advanced features and dedicated support for more complex needs.


Free to start, with premium plans up to $169/mo that offer more advanced features and services.

Advantages of Using Accessibility Checker by EqualWeb

The ADA compliance scanning tool’s blend of automatic corrections and an easy-to-implement widget sets it apart, offering a straightforward path to enhancing website accessibility. This approach not only aids in achieving compliance swiftly but also ensures a consistently accessible experience for all users, regardless of updates or changes to the site. The availability of a free plan further underscores its commitment to making digital inclusivity achievable for every website.

Ideal Use Cases

Accessibility Checker by EqualWeb is designed for a broad audience, from small business owners to large enterprises looking to improve their website’s accessibility without extensive technical intervention. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it particularly appealing to non-technical users who wish to ensure their site is inclusive and compliant.


  • Automates the process of correcting accessibility issues, streamlining compliance efforts.
  • The inclusion of an accessibility widget offers an immediate boost to website usability for diverse audiences.
  • A free starting plan coupled with premium options provides flexibility and scalability to meet various needs and budgets.


  • While the automatic corrections and widget provide a quick fix, more complex accessibility issues may still require manual intervention and customization.
  • The premium plans, necessary for access to advanced features and services, may represent an investment for smaller websites or startups.

Accessibility Checker by EqualWeb revolutionizes the approach to web accessibility, offering tools that automate compliance and enhance user experience with unparalleled ease. Its innovative widget and automatic correction capabilities ensure that achieving and maintaining accessibility standards is straightforward and efficient. With options suitable for websites of any size and complexity, EqualWeb demonstrates a commitment to fostering an inclusive digital world where accessibility is a compliance requirement and a cornerstone of web design.

6. PowerMapper

PowerMapper is renowned for its efficiency in creating visual site maps and conducting comprehensive accessibility tests. This powerful software simplifies the complex process of ensuring websites meet various accessibility standards, including WCAG, with just a single click. PowerMapper is designed to cater to web professionals and organizations aiming for the highest levels of usability and compliance, making it an indispensable asset for a wide range of web projects.

Core Features

  • One-click Site Mapping: Generates detailed visual sitemaps that provide a clear overview of a website’s structure, enhancing navigation planning and content organization.
  • Accessibility Testing: Offers in-depth accessibility evaluations, identifying issues hindering compliance with international standards like WCAG and suggesting actionable solutions.
  • Wide Range of Standards: Tests against a comprehensive list of accessibility standards, ensuring thorough compliance checks and a broader understanding of potential website issues.
  • Scalable Licensing Options: With single-user licenses starting at $49, PowerMapper provides accessible solutions for individuals and smaller projects while offering more advanced packages for larger teams and enterprises.


Single-user licenses start at $49 per month, with more comprehensive options available up to $299 per month.

Advantages of Using PowerMapper

PowerMapper’s unique combination of site mapping and accessibility testing in a single tool streamlines the process of making websites both navigable and compliant. Its one-click functionality reduces the time and effort typically required for these tasks, allowing developers and designers to focus on creating optimal user experiences. By highlighting accessibility issues across a variety of standards, PowerMapper ensures that websites cater to a diverse audience, enhancing inclusivity.

Ideal Use Cases

Perfect for web developers, UX/UI designers, and accessibility consultants, PowerMapper is a versatile tool that fits seamlessly into the web development workflow. It’s particularly beneficial for large websites undergoing redesigns or audits, where understanding the site structure and ensuring accessibility compliance is paramount.


  • Simplifies the creation of visual sitemaps and accessibility testing with a single click, saving time and resources.
  • It supports a wide array of accessibility standards and provides a comprehensive overview of compliance issues
  • Flexible pricing and licensing options make it suitable for a variety of users, from freelancers to large organizations.


  • The initial cost may be a barrier for individuals or small projects with limited budgets.
  • The breadth of features, while comprehensive, might require a learning curve for users new to site mapping or accessibility testing.

PowerMapper stands out as a powerful and efficient ADA compliance scanning tool for creating visual site maps and ensuring web accessibility compliance. Its ease of use and depth of testing capabilities make it an essential tool for anyone involved in web development and design. Whether you’re working on a small project or a large enterprise website, PowerMapper offers scalable solutions to meet your needs, supporting your efforts to build more accessible and user-friendly digital spaces.

7. AChecker

AChecker stands as a versatile and user-friendly web accessibility evaluation tool designed to cater to a wide range of users, from developers to content creators. Its strength lies in its flexibility, offering the capability to assess web pages against a comprehensive array of accessibility guidelines, including ADA, WCAG, and Section 508 standards. This tool is particularly noted for making web accessibility evaluations more accessible and manageable, providing a straightforward approach to identifying and addressing accessibility issues.

Core Features

  • Broad Guidelines Assessment: AChecker allows for testing against multiple sets of accessibility standards, providing users with the flexibility to ensure compliance with international and local regulations.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, it facilitates an easy navigation experience for conducting assessments, making it accessible even to those with limited technical expertise.
  • Detailed Feedback and Recommendations: Upon evaluation, AChecker provides detailed feedback on identified issues, along with recommendations for remediation, helping users enhance their website’s accessibility.
  • Customizable Reports: Users can generate customizable reports, which can be tailored to focus on specific aspects of accessibility, aiding in targeted improvements.


AChecker is available for free, positioning it as an excellent tool for conducting initial accessibility assessments without financial commitment.

Advantages of Using AChecker

With its comprehensive testing capabilities and user-friendly design, AChecker is an ideal tool for those beginning their journey toward web accessibility compliance. Its no-cost approach removes barriers to entry, allowing for widespread use and promoting a more inclusive internet.

Ideal Use Cases

AChecker is well-suited for web developers, content managers, and accessibility consultants who require a reliable, straightforward tool for preliminary accessibility checks. It’s also beneficial for educational purposes, helping students and professionals alike to learn about and implement accessibility best practices.


  • It supports a wide range of accessibility standards and offers thorough compliance checks.
  • Free to use, providing a cost-effective solution for accessibility evaluations.
  • Offers detailed feedback and actionable recommendations, aiding in the remediation process.


  • While highly effective for initial assessments, users may need to supplement AChecker’s evaluations with more detailed testing or expert reviews for complex projects.

AChecker presents a practical and accessible solution for web accessibility evaluation, embodying the principles of inclusivity and universal design. Its commitment to providing a free, flexible platform ensures that web accessibility is within reach for everyone, from small website owners to large organizations. By utilizing AChecker, users can take a significant step towards creating more accessible digital environments, ensuring their content is available to all, regardless of ability.

Which of these ADA Compliance Scanning Tools Is Best For You?

Person using an ADA compliance scanning tool on a laptop

The ADA compliance scanning tools landscape in 2024 is diverse, offering various features tailored to different needs—from developers integrating accessibility into the development process to content managers aiming for compliance without extensive technical intervention. Below is a summary of which tool might be best for different situations, followed by a comparative table for a quick overview.

Immediate, On-Page Feedback and Comprehensive Reporting

WAVE is unparalleled for its direct, visual feedback mechanism and in-depth issue reporting, making it ideal for web developers and designers who need instant insights into accessibility issues.

Seamless Development Integration and Customizable Testing

axe Accessibility Scanner shines with its development environment integration and customizable testing rules, best suited for development teams prioritizing accessibility from the early stages of development.

A Holistic Approach Covering SEO, Performance, and Accessibility

Siteimprove Accessibility Checker offers a comprehensive solution that not only checks for accessibility but also enhances SEO and website performance, making it perfect for medium to large organizations looking for a detailed overview of their digital presence.

Versatile Accessibility Compliance Testing

AChecker is known for its flexibility, allowing a wide variety of users to test against different accessibility guidelines, making it a great starting point for initial assessments.

Visual Site Mapping and Content Inventory

DynoMapper excels in providing a visual overview of site structure alongside accessibility testing, which is ideal for SEO specialists, content strategists, and web developers involved in large site redesigns or audits.

Automatic Corrections and Widget-Based Enhancements

Accessibility Checker by EqualWeb is distinguished by its automatic correction features and accessibility widget, which are best suited for small to large businesses seeking to improve accessibility without deep technical expertise.

One-Click Site Mapping and Broad Standards Testing

PowerMapper is advantageous for its one-click functionality in generating sitemaps and conducting broad standards accessibility testing, which is beneficial for UX/UI designers and web developers focused on large-scale projects or comprehensive site audits.

Comparative Table

Tool Best For Key Feature Pricing Ideal Use Case
WAVE Immediate, On-Page Feedback Visual Feedback Mechanism Free; Professional Services Web developers and designers
axe Accessibility Scanner Development Integration Seamless Development Integration Free Extension; Custom Pricing Development teams
Siteimprove Accessibility Checker Holistic SEO, Performance, and Accessibility Approach Integrated Testing Custom Pricing Medium to large organizations
AChecker Versatile Compliance Testing Flexibility in Guidelines Assessment Free Initial web accessibility assessments
DynoMapper Visual Site Mapping Visual Sitemapping Starts at $49/month SEO specialists, content strategists
Accessibility Checker by EqualWeb Automatic Corrections and Widget-Based Enhancements Automatic Corrections Free to start; Premium Plans Up To $169/month Small to large businesses without technical expertise
PowerMapper One-Click Site Mapping and Broad Standards Testing One-click Site Mapping Single-user licenses at $49/month. Ranges to $299/month UX/UI designers, web developers in large-scale projects

This comparative overview and table clearly show which ADA scanning tools are best suited for various scenarios, helping you choose the right tool based on your specific needs, project size, and technical expertise

Work With Our ADA Compliance Experts

Choosing the best ADA compliance scanning tool is a critical step toward making your website accessible to everyone. From WAVE’s immediate feedback mechanism to the comprehensive solutions offered by Siteimprove to the automatic correction features of Accessibility Checker by EqualWeb, there’s a tool tailored to every need and scenario.

However, understanding and implementing the findings from these tools can be complex, requiring a deep understanding of both the technical aspects of web development and the legal requirements of web accessibility standards. This is where Oyova steps in. Our team of web accessibility experts is here to guide you through the maze of ADA compliance, offering bespoke solutions tailored to your website’s specific needs. With Oyova, you can transform the challenges of web accessibility into opportunities for growth and inclusivity.

Contact us today to learn more about our ADA compliance and remediation services and how we can help your website meet the highest standards of accessibility and inclusivity. Let’s work together to create a web experience that’s open and accessible to everyone.

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